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The Art of

Counter-Strike Vol I

by Ronald "Rambo" Kim ,

Ognian "steel" Gueorguiev

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to run Tao-frod?

A PC with windows 2000/xp/vista and 512 mb of ram or more, as well as an active connection to the internet.

Adobe reader 9 must be installed on your system. It can be downloaded for free at:

No other pdf readers are supported

The ebook does not open, citing an adobe error, what do I do?

In rare circumstances, this problem can arise when the web component of Adobe Reader is not installed.

To install it, simply open Adobe Reader, go in properties, in "edit" then "preferences", internet section. There, "display pdf in browser" should be checked.

Sometimes, Adobe Reader isn't installed correctly and you have to uncheck this and press OK. Then wait for the plugin to be uninstalled and follow the program's instructions. It may ask you to reboot your PC.

The ebook opens, but seems frozen on the loading screen?

Depending on your available memory and how much background programs are open, the guide can take a minute or two to load. Once loaded, all videos play instantly.

Is this guide for Counter-Strike 1.6 or Source?

This guide focuses solely on Counter-Strike 1.6

Is this guide only about AWPing?

The Art Of fRoD encompasses the entire play style of Danny "fRoD" Montaner, a play style which has earnt his team over $312,550 as well as given him the highest FPR statistical average in Gamesense.

AWPing is a key to this play style but only one of many. fRoD has spent many years developing his rifle play (colt and AK) from expert team-mates like zet, storm and sunman as well refining his pistol play to become one of the most skilled in these areas of the game also.

As a superstar player his play style has been instrumental in taking his teams to championships and his penchant for coming up with clutch plays in big pressure games is legendary. As a member of one of the longest standing top 1.6 rosters he is also an expert in communication and team chemistry.